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Art Paper Sticker Printing - The Way You Want It

Why choose Stickers2Go for sticker printing? Simple: we give you options, fast. Our custom art paper stickers can be printed in a range of styles and sizes. We have die-cut stickers available in square, round, oval, and rectangular shapes, in addition to custom options. Choose between art paper, vinyl, textured and clear stocks. Our custom Art Paper Stickers can be ordered cut-to-size or in rolls and come in durable matte, gloss, and high-gloss UV coatings. We also have waterproof Art Paper Stickers options that are perfect for outdoor applications.

We follow a rigorous quality checkpoint system throughout our printing process to ensure your stickers come out looking great.

Design your Art Paper stickers in our online design center, where you can download free templates to get started. You can also upload your designs directly to our site. We also print special sizes and die-cut shapes for your unique logo.  Contact our customer care department via live chat to discuss your Art Paper sticker printing needs.

Art Paper Stickers for Branding & Fun Décor

Art Paper Sticker printing is a fantastic way to build recognition and increase visibility for your company. Custom stickers are an affordable and effective branding solution. Use them as packaging labels, promotional tools, or as gifts to customers and clients.

Stickers are popular with:

  • Food & beverage companies
  • Book & music shops
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Sporting equipment stores
  • Transportation services

Because they are fun to use, customers stick them on cars, notebooks, and electronics, which in turn promotes the company or product. Art Paper stickers, for instance, are one of the most popular ways of showing support for causes. They can even be used fas gift tags printed with a business or family name.

Art Paper Stickers

Our Art Paper Stickers have three varieties, the gloss, matte, and uncoated. These are made from quality materials and serve a broad variety of uses, such as mailers and stock labelling unlike to our paper stickers that come from a cardboard paper material. Suggested for indoor use, they can be utilised outdoors for non-permanent applications Stickers2GO offers cheap paper stickers printing that really satisfies your budget and needs.

  • Finishing

    Gloss Lamination

    The most common and popular finish for Art Paper Stickers. Its glossy finish has the much more striking impression with your artwork design. It is utilized for a very wide range of applications such as stores and company logo/display stickers.

    Matte Lamination

    Matte lamination is a finish for Art Paper Stickers that provides the tactile effect, subdued but add a very elegant and luxurious finish where first reactions mean everything.

  • Adhesive Type

    Normal Adhesive

    The normal perpetual adhesive is typically utilized in custom labels and paper stickers both indoor & outdoor. Adhesion will depend on the surface and variety of stickers.

    Strong Adhesive (Except Matte Finish)

    The strong adhesive is available upon request. This is highly recommended for customers who need their stickers to stick longer than common and not to peel easily.

    Removable Adhesive (Uncoated Only)

    Removable adhesive is available upon request. It is designed to form a temporary bond & provide sticker removal without leaving the residue. Removable stickers are reusable, however, the adhesive does weaken with reuse.

  • Uncoated

    A no coat finish for Art Paper Stickers, however, it has a little shine or semi-glossy on its finish. Uncoated finishing is best recommended if you are aiming for a more prestigious or elegant look.

  • Full Colour

    These are printed in rich, full-color applications to create sure your artwork stands out and views vibrant.

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