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Foil Paper Stickers

Foil Paper Stickers Printing

Foil Paper Stickers

Our Foil Paper Sticker is made of silver or gold foil paper material. Recommended for retail shops, weddings, gift wrapping and for those who are seeking a unique, stylish finish. Note that the paper material utilised for foil stickers are lightly less durable / water resistant related to our Gold Vinyl Stickers and Silver Vinyl Stickers that excel in water and heat exposure. Moreover, if you are viewing for foil stickers with the stamping process we recommend to review our embossed paper stickers.

  • Material

    Gold Foil Paper

    Silver Foil Paper

  • Finishing


    A no coat finish for Foil Paper Stickers, but, it has a little shine or semi-glossy on its finish. Uncoated finishing is best recommended if you are aiming for a more prestigious or luxurious look.

  • Full Colour

    These are printed in rich, full-colour applications to make sure your artwork stands out & looks vibrant.

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