Hologram Stickers Printing

These labels are the ideal solution when it comes to making your products stand out, there’s no better way to do it than with high-quality stickers. These stickers are visually stunning and incredibly functional, offering security features that can help protect your products from counterfeiters and fraudsters.

Hologram Sticker Printing and Labels

What are Hologram Stickers?

These are a special type of sticker that uses the principles of holography to create an image that appears three-dimensional when viewed from different angles. The images created by holograms can be as small as a few millimeters in diameter, or they can cover large areas such as entire windows or doors.
hologram sticker printing are made using a process called embossing, which involves pressing two transparent films together with one film containing an image and one without it so that both films become permanently bonded together. The result is an object with depth and detail like you’d find on paper money or banknotes–and they’re often used for this reason!

Why Use Hologram Stickers?

Custom hologram sticker printing is an effective way to increase brand recognition and security. The holographic image is a complex pattern that cannot be reproduced by printing, photocopying or scanning. This makes it difficult for counterfeiters to replicate your design and sell it as their own.
Holograms also offer an additional layer of authenticity by displaying information about your company or product directly on the sticker itself. For example, if you’re selling electronics, you could put an encoded serial number on one side of your hologram stickers uk so customers can check its authenticity before purchasing anything from you (and possibly saving themselves from buying fakes). This kind of information can also help boost customer confidence in what they’re buying–especially if they’re unfamiliar with your business!

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Types of Hologram Stickers

They stickers are available in 2D and 3D versions. The 2D are made of lines, dots or other shapes that form an image when viewed from different angles. They can be printed on paper, plastic or any other surface you want to stick them on.
The 3D one have depth and appear to move when you look at them from different angles. They contain images of objects such as letters, numbers or pictures that seem to float above the surface they’re printed on when viewed through a special lens called an optical viewing device (ODV).

Stickers Customization

Customization is the key to making your  stickers stand out from the crowd.

  • Design – We offer a wide range of design options, so you can create something that’s truly unique. Whether it’s an image or text, we’ll help you make sure it looks great!
  • Shape – We have several shapes including circles and squares. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, just let us know and we’ll see if we can work something out for you!
  • Size – Our stickers come in all sorts of sizes depending on how big or small they need to be (and budget).

Custom hologram sticker printing Process

  • Design & artwork: Our designers will create a unique design for you.
  • Proofing: We will send you a proof of your design to approve before we start printing.
  • Printing: We will print your stickers with our cutting edge technology, which produces high quality stickers at an affordable price.
  • Finishing: Once printed, we apply a UV coating to protect the sticker from fading and make it waterproof!

Applications of Hologram Stickers

These stickers are used for branding, identification and security. They can be used to provide information about your company or product, as well as to prevent counterfeiting.
They are also known as security seals or tamper evident labels. These labels have an image that changes when the label is damaged or removed from its original position on an item or package.

Advantages of  Stickers

This is a great way to add authenticity and durability to your products. They can also be used as an aesthetic tool, which will help you stand out from the competition.

  • Authenticity: They are difficult to fake because they contain complex images that are made up of many different colors and shades. When you look at a hologram stickers uk , it appears 3D and has depth; this makes it hard for counterfeiters to recreate on their own without access to specialized equipment or software that mimics the original image.
  • Durability: They are made from special materials like polyester, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate). These materials make them more resistant than traditional stickers when exposed outdoors in sunlight or other harsh conditions like rain or snowfall over long periods of time–this means fewer replacements needed!
How to Choose the Right Sticker?

When you are looking for a hologram sticker printing, there are several things you need to consider. The first thing is the quality of the print. If the image is blurry or pixelated, then it will not look good on your product and may even damage it over time. You also want to make sure that they have a fast turnaround time so that your orders can be printed quickly and efficiently. Finally, cost should be taken into consideration as well!

What are the Different Printing Techniques for Stickers?

Digital Printing: Digital printing is the most popular method for hologram stickers uk. It uses high-quality inkjet printers to produce your design, which can be applied to a large range of materials.
Offset Printing: Offset printing involves using a plate made from metal or plastic that has been etched with a raised surface pattern that holds ink when pressed against paper or other material. The plate is then used in an offset press (or “offset machine”) to transfer images onto paper through pressure and heat. This method is often used for large runs because it’s fast and economical but not as good quality as screen printing or digital printing

So if you’re looking for high-quality stickers that will help your products stand out and stay secure, look no further than our sticker company. Contact us today to learn more about our custom hologram sticker printing services and to get started on your next project!


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