Hologram Stickers Printing

Holographic Stickers and labels are the ideal solution for security seals for your products, packaging or documents. Use anywhere where you want to make it impossible for a counterfeit of your product to be made.

Hologram Stickers and Labels Printing

Hologram Stickers Printing

Look at the shiny! Lay a 3-dimensional pattern on a silver foil label and achieve an effect that you’re unlikely to see on your competition. Probably not suitable for a classy perfume or fine wine but many other things are fair game.

Our holographic labels can be sequentially numbered for unique identification; Add your logo to our eye-catching holographic labels to add increased authenticity. Good for marketing and security, our holographic label material can be printed in any size and shape. Try out new ideas with a minimum order quantity of just 25 labels.

Our highly decorative film provides a 6mm mosaic holographic effect. Available in a removable adhesive only. Apply to smooth, flat surfaces, not recommended for use on low energy surfaces. Hologram stickers and holographic labels are printed in high quality CMYK with eco-solvent inks which offer a level of scratch and UV resistance.

Holographic labels are the ideal solution for security seals for your products, packaging or documents. Use anywhere where you want to make it impossible for a counterfeit of your product to be made.

Holographic sticky labels are not normally seen in product labelling; they are often found as security markers and supplementary labels. Why not think outside the box? They are certainly eye-catching, get a head start in the relentless race for superiority over your competitors and be the first to try an innovative holographic label.

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Hologram Stickers Printing

Hologram Stickers can make your products stand out with a stunning three-dimensional hologram. Made of strong & waterproof material. Our Stickers2GO custom holographic stickers are having a vibrant, gleaming surface quite unlike other stickers, these can attach style to your products and are ideal for labelling high-quality sound. These stickers seem to look like our Silver Vinyl Stickers but the difference is its holographic effect.

Custom Printed Hologram Stickers

Colour your world with the amazing hues of our hologram range. These printed hologram stickers reflect a rainbow of gorgeous tones set to tantalise the eye of your client. Excellent for use on CD’s, for authenticity, retail goods, documents and collectables. With a divinely dynamic appearance, hologram stickers will make your product really special. Shine on!

Hologram Stickers UK
Why not set your brand on fire with the eclectic and electric aesthetic of our hologram stickers range. Its a fun and fabulously unique way to promote your brand or message.

Our holographic stickers are out of this world! Although we can print color on these stickers, they work best when the design is made from a black and white image. This allows the areas where there is white in the design to let the holographic awesomeness show through. We’ve tested as many holographic films we could get our hands on, and we finally found one that we are proud to print on and offer that meets our strict quality standards. All you have to do is upload your design, and our print team will get to work making your sticker exactly what you want.

Research shows that companies use great hologram sticker seals for their products for security purposes. These stickers play a very useful role for consumers to find out about the genuine product and also secure your product from those who make duplicates.

If you want to get custom hologram stickers online at cheap rates in UK, Sticker 2 Go is the best choice for you to order stickers online. You can have it in any custom shape, size, quantity and finish and we do any kind of customization and try to provide our best price for all of our customers.

Need a different size or quantity than what’s listed? You got it! We print everything in house, so special requests are no problem. Just give us a shout through our contact form to get started.


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