Standard Vinyl Stickers Printing

Get Custom Printed vinyl stickers for your outdoor displays or product packaging. 

Vinyle Stickers Printing

Standard Vinyl Stickers

If you’ve been searching for waterproof stickers, this product suit you best. Stickers2GO provide custom vinyl stickers at the cheapest price offered. It is made of polypropylene material making it water-resistant and freezer grade. These are applicable for both inside & outside but for the limited duration of time since these are not UV coated. Matte would be proper finished on vinyl stickers printing while glossy is available upon request with extra charges. In addition, this comes from a white-based material related to our Silver Vinyl Sticker that is shinier. Best for product labelings such as cosmetic products, bottles, refrigerated ideals, and others.


Full Colour

These are printed in rich, full-colour applications to create sure your artwork stands out and views vibrant.

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More About Custom Standard Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl ranks supreme when it comes to custom vinyl stickers and decals. Because of its flexible durability, it’s the excellent material to print the best quality functional vinyl stickers and decals on! There’s a lot of different vinyl material to customize vinyl stickers with and Stickers2go has the perfect one for you!

Die Cut Vinyl Sticker Pages

The easiest and most cost-effective way to get a ton of various custom vinyl stickers at once is with die cut sticker sides! With our sticker sides, you can upload various different pictures to fit on a single page. Because they’re die-cut your vinyl stickers will be contoured to edges of the picture, so the shape of your picture will be the correct shape of the sticker! Our die-cut vinyl stickers can be easily removed from smooth surfaces and won’t leave any residue, making them the excellent option for custom printed vinyl stickers you want to re-use again and again!

Vinyl Logo Stickers

No matter the shape or size of your logo, Stickers2GO has your branding requirements covered! Vinyl Logo stickers are the ideal tool when it comes to raising brand recognition and are a reasonable yet high efficient promotional tool. Our logo stickers can be die-cut to the correct shape of your logo or collected from a variety of shapes to correctly frame your logo.

Durable Custom Vinyl Stickers

At Sticker2GO we like to make it stick, and sometimes that means forever! Our durable vinyl stickers have an intense sticky, so these stickers aren’t going anywhere! Objects such as work gear, emergency items, and manufacturing machinery endure a lot, therefore, information printed on durable vinyl stickers are guaranteed to always be visible. Our durable vinyl stickers are also totally waterproof which makes permanent vinyl stickers perfect in all situations.

Matte Custom Vinyl Stickers

Matte vinyl stickers are the way to go to add the latest flair to your designs. Our matte vinyl stickers are a great finishing touch for products or gifts, and because you can write on them with the marker the level of customization never has to end!

Clear Vinyl Stickers

Clear vinyl stickers are a go-to for minimalist designs that’ll have a big impact. Clear vinyl stickers showcase not only your terrific logos but your excellent products as well. They always go on the level and can even be print logos or design in white ink for a uniquely bold vinyl sticker.